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The Kansas Badman - King of the Hill
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Photo courtesy of Leslie Lovett.

This was a match race at Southwest Raceway, Tulsa, OK May 28, 1966. Excerpts from story by Leslie Lovett, Drag News, May 28, 1966. The match race between Ted, The Kansas Badman, DeTar and his Chrysler hemi-powered Ford Falcon, against Hayden Proffitt proved to be a real crowd pleaser. Both parties got on the PA and put a real bad mouth on one another. First round Badman, badmouth DeTar, won with a 9.80, when they came back, DeTar claimed he shut off so as not to be Hay so bad, since Hay said he appreciated since he was just warming up. Next pass, Hayden little Corvair powered by the 396 Chevy engine was warmed up and took DeTar with a 9.63 to Ted's 9.77. Last round in the two of three race, DeTar said he was tired of playing silly spider and stopped the bug with a 9.44 ET to Proffitts' 9.66 ET.



DeTar making The Defender into an altered wheel base funny car. The Defender is owned by Chuck Ostrich of Nevada, IA.

DeTar Wins Races...(Taken from Coffeyville, KS Journal May 10, 1967) Ted DeTar, Coffeyville high grad now making his home in Wichita, recently won two drag titles at the American Hot Rod Association's Spring Nationals at Odessa, Tx. DeTar, son of Mr and Mrs Frank DeTar of rural Coffeyville, took the FX Fuel Funny Car Eliminator and the Super Stock Eliminator at the meet, according to Drag World Magazine. Driving his famed "Kansas Badman" Falcon funny car, DeTar picked up about $3,000 for his efforts. DeTar is ranked by Drag World as the top super stock drag racer in the world.