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DeTar... Two Places at the Same Time!!!

Photo courtesy of Jim Marlett, Wichita, KS.


Another DeTar among the racers... Shirley DeTar wins whole race.


(Wichita Eagle-Beacon, by Jack Coleman, April 1967). Who says DeTar can't be in two places at once? Weeell... He can't fellas, that was Mrs. Shirley DeTar who was handling the big hemi powered Roadrunner Dodge and mopped up the field taking top stock eliminator. Shirley turned some real consistant times all day, with most of them in the 11's. The last run was 11.70 and 118.42 mph, winning over Dave Eppler in a '65 Chevelle.

"All you Plymouth guys... the first Roadrunner is a Dodge! This car was designed by the Ramchargers to compete in the B/FX class, which at the time the record was held by the Pontiacs. Ted DeTar set the new World Record with this car in the B/Factory Experimental class with a speed of 124.00 mph and an ET of 11.16 at M&N Raceways, Sept. 26, 1965." says Steve DeTar, son of Ted DeTar.

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